Biography of Saidul Islam Roney

Saidul Islam Roney (Bengali: সাইদুল ইসলাম রনি , born 21 February 1996) is a Bangladeshi web developer and politician from the Bangladesh Subidabadi League  and a member of the Parliamentary Treasury Bench. He is the youngest Member of Bangladesh subidabadi Leauge in the National Assembly of Bangladesh from his ancestral area of Laksam in Comilla of Chittagong.

Saidul was born in Delwar-Nasima family at Laksam of Comilla district. He was educated at Comilla Polytechnic institute with a Diploma, and later became a young web developer and then most popular young leader of Bangladesh subidabadi leauge. His father was also a politician. In 14, he participated in the  Asia Pacific Jamboree held in Mouchak, Gazipur in 2010 as a team leader.


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